11 July 2015, Charlie Completes Phase One of BST Training in Fresno, CA

Charlie is a growing company and as we get in new soldiers, each must complete a required BST Curriculum.  To meet this requirement the entire platoon volunteered to go with our new recruits and support them during this training iteration.  One Team! One Fight!  The new PFCs and SPCs did an outstanding job and set the bar high for all future BST classes.  NCOs from Fresno and Modesto participated as instructors and students making this a flawless training exercise.  Coming into the CSMR as a new soldier you have so many questions needing answered, the way these questions are answered is a valuable first impression that creates ripple effects throughout the CSMR as a whole.  The more we can transition the new soldier into a well organized and confident mission the more soldiers the CSMR bring into service and retain.

I am indeed very proud of our soldiers and their professional commitment to the CSMR and the Citizens the State of California.  Charlie continues its high speed delivery of support, and has made this challenging mission an over whelming success

BST Class Phase 1-3BST Class Phase 1-2