14 DEC 2015 – Charlie Company takes leads Land Navigation at Camp Parks.

On December 14, of 2014 Charlie Company 1STB of Regional Support Command North set out to enhance their professional search and rescue skill sets through detailed Land Navigation Training.  The Platoon Successfully navigated the Camp Parks RFTA Area “K” Land Navigation Course during a concentrated and intense multi day field training exercise.

Charlie Company elevated its ability to respond to search and rescue operations through practical and didactic training on topographic map use, map symbols, grids, scale and distance, azimuths, overlays, elevation and relief, terrain, navigation equipment and much more.

Under the guidance and organizational support of Platoon Sergeant Rogers, assisted by Staff Sergeant Nevis, Charlie Company represented impressively the professional rescuers of the CSMR.  Each soldier set the example of how the attention to detail combined with advanced classroom instruction ensures mission success.  The Platoon was split up into seven search and rescue teams and took their training to the field.  Charlie put up impressive times through focused effort as they completed the RFTA Area “K’ Land Navigation Course.

As a medical unit Charlie Company is comprised of dedicated first responders.   When the occasion arises and Charlie is called upon to participate in Search and Rescue Operations, the State of California can depend on this CSMR Unit to be always ready, and always there as highly trained and motivated professional California State Military Reserve Soldiers.20141213_051711 20141213_073146 20141214_101554 20141214_101600 20141214_101612 20141214_101626 20141214_101720 20141214_102139 20141214_102228 20141214_102831 20141214_103428 20141214_105148 20141214_105201 20141214_105754 20141214_113234 20141214_113243 20141214_120344