MABPRO Rescue Training has been a dedicated provider of first responder certification programs for over 12 years. We provide training and resources for today’s CARE professionals. So many professions require their members to stay informed and up to date with the latest in training. As CARE Professionals we identified quickly that the process of certification and recertification is often a tedious and expensive endeavor. Many issues make this process frustrating. Issues like locating the classes needed, the cost of training, and the limited scheduling options make certification and recertification more like a hunt through limited resources.  MABPRO strives to end this frustration by bringing all of these certification under one roof at affordable rates that benefit employee and employer alike.

The instructors the make up the MABPRO Instructor CORE offer the highest quality of instruction. They are experience professionals who work in the field and are sure to impress with their skill level and dedication to your learning experience. We utilize the most up to date curriculum and always train to improve our instructional craft.

MABPRO Rescue Training is a strong supporter of our Military Veterans! Our instructors are either prior military of active military and are dedicated to your professional development!

The MABPRO Rescue Training Center provides training to meet your class size and scheduling needs, we can host or we can come to you. At any given time we can provide instruction to 100 plus students on any given subject within our course listing.

Our classes are Continuing education units (CEU) are provided through the Board of Registered Nursing, Board of Mental Health. Courses are certified through NAEMT, American Heart Association, American Health and Safety Institute, The American Red Cross, and EMSA.

We know your time is valuable your career is dedicated and we are here to help you maintain those skills!
Our fleet of Mobile Training Units (MTU) stand at the ready to bring the highest quality of instruction to your location. Our services are provided throughout the South Western Region of the United States.
We provide Event Services through our Sideline EMS at an affordable cost. Side Line EMS can set up and staff medic tents and provide roving medical teams to ensure your event is safe and worry free.

If you ever have a need for rescue supplies for your personal or professional needs shop our online store or come into check out our ever growing inventory at CDS Rescue Supply.

Thank you for your intrest in our programs. Give us a call today and let us help make your training experience a certified stress free event!