Certified Employee Resource & Training Program

We at CDS know that locating courses, monitoring certifications, and controlling training costs is one of the areas of facility support that can create a great amount of stress to facility time and resources. CERT+PRO serves to organize savings towards both training and resources by creating a customizable program tailored to your facility and/or business. CERT+PRO for when a facility signs up to participate in our Certified Employee Resource and Training Program, the stress of the maintaining employee development transforms, and is replaced with cost saving solutions and stress free ease of use. CERT+PRO customizes to your facility training needs.

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How can CERT+PRO Save My Business Money?

  • 1 Free Student Certification Per year ($60.00 Value) – We at CDS greatly appreciate  your business, the best way to say thank you to our Cert+Pro Members is to simply save them money, which always makes for good business.


  • $10.00 Off All Single Student Base Class Frees – If you are sending students through our OPEN Classes then they automatically save $10.00 simply because they are your employees. You may not have enough students to support a CLOSED Class, but with CERT+PRO you save anyway!


  • 50% Off Replacement Card Fees – It happens to the best of us, things simply get misplaced. CERT+PRO will provide for participating members free copies of on file certifications. For those situations where an actual replacement card is needed for the regulatory needs, the CERT+PRO member will receive a discount towards thereplacement card cost. (Replacement costs vary depending on the issuing ACA)


  • 20% Off In-Store Resource Supplies – Facilities now have a singular location to supply both training and resources to meet regulatory needs. CERT+PRO helps reduce support costs by providing a 20% discount to members towards In-Store Resource Supplies.


  • 10% off All Special Order Resource Supplies – Sometimes facilities face the need to order supplies not routinely carried in our store. CERT+PRO provides savings during these events as well. CERT+PRO members save over $100.00 when purchasing items like an AED Unit, etc.


  • Access To Our Facility Library Program –  CERT+PRO Members have the option of participating in our Facility Library  Program to help in reducing training costs. Students materials can be quite expensive on a per student basis. Sharing resources among your facilities employee pool saves up to 50% of material costs. Participation in this program provides a lower negotiated  rate for group trainings. To take advantage of this savings option, CERT+PRO Member facilities purchases a base set of training materials (Sold in Blocks of 5 at a discounted rate) for use by their employees during current and all future training classes. This cost saving option can save a facility hundreds of dollars per year.


Re-Certification Monitoring Service:

Nothing frustrates scheduling more then to discover at the last minute that an employee is just days from certification expiration and not eligible to work assigned shifts. It happens to us all, sometimes in the busy worlds we live in life just has a way of creating these panic moments. Most of these moments are simply accidental out-of-sight and out-of-mind situations that create last minute scrambles to find resources that safely meet those Re-Certification dates.

CDS Rescue Training monitors the Re-Certification dates for all students that are members of the CERT+PRO Program. Each student and/or facility will receive the following Notifications:

1st Notification: 60 days before certifications expire

2nd Notification: 30 days before certification expire

3rd Notification: 10 days before certification expire

In addition to letting the facility and/or business know that the Re-Cert date/s approaches, we also make every effort we can to incorporate planning to help facilitate classes that are timely and prevent certification expiration.


CDS CEU Tracker Program:

Access to our “CEU Tracker program” – Finally an answer to that question, “how many CEU’s do I have vs. how many do I need?” Which is then always followed by, “where in the world can I get my CEUs done?” CERT+PRO Members who have access to our CEU Tracker Program will be provided quarterly or semiannual reports of current employee CEU needs. CDS will help coordinate classes for your employees to help make sure they accumulate those CEUs in a timely manner to help keep those regulatory overseers very happy. CERT+PRO Members get discounted classes. CDS only keeps track of CEUs acquired through CDS.


Free Safety and Risk Assessment – (Ready for Rescue)

In practical terms, a risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace to identify those things, situations, processes, etc. that may cause harm, particularly to other people. After identification, is made, you evaluate how likely and severe the risk is, and then decide what measures should be in place to effectively prevent or control the harm from happening.

  • Identify hazards.
  • Analyze or evaluate the risk associated with that hazard.
  • Determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard.


Priority Class Enrollment:

Facilities often face the need to address new hire emergency re-cert situations. CERT+PRO Members always have an open seat at any of our public  OPEN classes. Simply send over your student and we will invoice your agency the discounted single student base fee. no headaches, no hunting for a class, it’s just that simple! If you have a special class need such as after-hours training, weekend classes, or you need a class that is not correctly scheduled, CERT+PRO will meet that need. Just give us a call and we will get your employee trained as quickly as possible, so they can join your team and keep your business moving smoothly.


Negotiated Group Rates:

We will customize and provide the training you need in a timely manner. Out negotiated Group Rates are the lowest anywhere. Your classes will fit your schedules needs and all CLOSED classes available only to CERT+PRO Members.


How Does My Business Initiate and Take Advantage Of The Savings That CERT+PRO Provides?

  1. CDS Rescue Training will process your application and issue your facility an assigned CERT+PRO Members ID number which will help coordinate the savings and discounts for you and your employees.
  2. We do not charge processing fees, memberships fees, or initiation fees to participate in the CERT+PRO Program.