Management of Assaultive Behavior for Professionals (MABPRO)

mampro-doc-elliotFor nearly thirty years, Doc Elliot, the creator and president of New World Education Network has maintained a singular focus within our training and services, on providing individuals and companies, all across the country with both the regulatory compliance they require along with the innovative excellence they need in order to offer the highest standards of care to their customers and clients.

During those years of providing training to thousands of individuals, Doc and New World Education Network has built a solid reputation for helping companies develop ways to improve the quality of service they provide, while exceeding their education requirements. It has been a mission of sorts,spearheaded by Doc Elliot, to both use the best resources available, or develop the resources and information himself when educating individuals and companies in the host of topics he has offered over the years, including his own Violence and Assaultive Behavior Prevention/Crisis Negotiation training techniques to help people create a safer, smarter and more therapeutic environment to work within.

In doing so, Doc has created award-winning curriculum along with hand-forged and extremely effective foundations for training any type of facility, its employees and management in how to nurture their own abilities of becoming better at what they do, while creating a high standard of compliancy and safety for the companies themselves. The content covered within the workshops are not only the most current and up-to-date material available, but New World Education Network has worked hard to cultivate a productive and continuous working relationship with local, County, State and Federal regulatory agencies in order to ensure that the training provided is injected with exactly what is necessary to ensure the expected compliancy, along with a better understanding of what is most effective.